Dual Lenses & Oblique Incidence Optical System (DLOIS)

Dual lenses & oblique incidence optical system (DLOIS)

DLOIS of Bettersize is an innovation technology based on Fourier optical system. By adding the back lens at the symmetric place behind the sample cell, DLOIS detects light diffraction from backwards. A divergent laser turns into parallel light after going through the back lens. Also, the back lens acts as the laser beam collimation lens. In a laser diffraction measurement, the forward and backward diffraction lasers are generated by single laser source with consistent wavelength, datum and continuity.
Dual Lenses Optical System (DLOS)

Dual lenses optical system (DLOS)

Based on Fourier optical system, DLOS of Bettersize is a method of technical creation. DLOS can detect backward scattered laser light by adding a second lens at the symmetric path behind the sample cell. Also, the second lens functions as a collimating lens which turns the diverging laser beam into parallel beam before the sample cell. The parallel beam impeding on the sample cell have the advantage of large and constant intensity circle of illumination of the samples inside the cell. In a laser diffraction measurement, the forward and backward diffraction lasers generated by a single laser source will have a consistent wavelength, datum, and continuity.
Auto Material Refractive Index Measurement

Auto material refractive index measurement

Mie theory uses refraction index at specific light wavelength of a material as one of the key parameters to calculate particle size distribution. The lack of reliable refraction index for a particular powder material would result in measurement without confidence.
Laser Diffraction + Automated Imaging

Laser Diffraction + Automated Imaging

Bettersizer S3 Plus is an upgraded model of Bettersizer S3 with addition of a microscopic particle shape analysis system. The S3 Plus model contains two testing windows and one set of circulation and dispersion system. The particle size distribution and particle shape could be analyzed at the same time, or either subject analyzed at a time. Meanwhile, the results of particle size analysis can be testified by image analysis, which ensures the accuracy of the measurement of coarse particles.
Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)

Standard operation procedure (SOP)

SOP of Bettersizer S3 series provides smooth experience of standardized and automatic testing. Click once on the auto test button, the testing procedure will run by itself, including water supply, bubble remove, background and obscuration checking, testing, drain, clean and result save and print. It is not difficult to get particle size distribution result any more. SOP not only provides simplified procedure, but also avoids error caused by human operation; therefore, SOP ensures the repeatability and accuracy of testing results.
Auto Circulation & Dispersion System

Auto circulation & dispersion system

The circulation & dispersion system of Bettersizer S3 series is consist of centrifugal circulation pump, dry burning-protect ultrasonic disperser, stirrer, electronic liquid level sensor, auto water feeding / draining / overflowing system, fogging alarm for sample cell, pipe and controller. The hardware system and controlling software disperse testing sample completely and make each particle appears in laser and camera.
Auto Centering Function

Auto centering function

The diameter of laser detector center point is only 100 microns. When processing the analysis, the laser detector center point must coincide with the focus point of back lens; otherwise, measuring error will occur. The auto centering function of Bettersizer S3 series could avoid the above problem. Automatically moves the laser detector center point to the focus point of back lens before each test, centering function guarantees the perfect condition of optical system; therefore, provides accurate and repeatable testing results.
Accuracy Calibration

Accuracy calibration

Bettersizer S3 series features an accuracy calibration function allowing old or repaired instrument quickly confirm to datum status by analyzing the standard sample. This function makes operate parameters maintained at consistent conditions, ensuring consistent and reproducible measurement for both the new and old one.
Ultrasonic Disperser

Ultrasonic Disperser

Ultrasonic disperser will be burned if water run out upon working mode. Bettersizer S3 series improves its ultrasonic disperser to recognize dry burning situation and start protection status; therefore, prevents damage caused by mis-operation.


Bettersizer S3 series is simple and easy to operate with intuitional software. Full screen visual structure and mouse operation lead to fluent and efficient measurement.