Bettersize instruments adopt an easy to operate and intuitive software interface. It utilizes the full-screen display for all experimental parameters make it a breeze to run an experiment effortlessly and efficiently.
Export results in multiple formats like PDF, txt, jpg, etc. The flexibility help eases the effort for reporting, data publication, data sharing and archival.

● Customizable report format: reporting form could be tailored to suit the format per the user preference.
● Luminous flux compensation: this function can compensate the loss of diffraction light due to the reflection by the glass wall in the sample cell. Thus, high accuracy would be achieved.
● Large particle recognition: instrument will accurately identify any large particle by their first appearance at the detection window.
● Real-time repeatability monitor: Allow users to gauge the repeatability of their measurement in real-time.
● Merge calculation: average result for one sample can be calculated by merging of repeat-tested results.
● Re-analysis window: data can be re-processed when parameters are changed or modified, while reacquisition is not needed.
● Full screen visualized interface: the main interface is result orientated. Acquired data and spectra can be viewed and processed simultaneously.
● Certification: 21CFR PART 11, CE. Bettersizer S3 series compliance to international standard, and are conforming to pharmacopeia, food, and other industry’s specific requirements.
● Operation video has been added to the software, which guides the user through a step-by-step measurement procedure.