PowderPro M1

Classic work for powder characteristic analysis

PowderPro M1 is the manual version of the automatic PowderPro A1. It can also perform the same analysis of PowderPro A1 but through a manual process. PowderPro M1 is a good choice for small laboratories and scientific teaching purpose.

Measurement: Angle of Repose, Angle of Collapse, Difference Angle, Flat Plate Angle, Dispersity, Compressibility, Voidage, Bulk Density, Tap Density, Uniformity, Agglutination, Flowability Index, Floodability Index.



  • Practical and economical powder characteristic tester.
  • Multiple functions, easy operation and good repeatability.

Measurement of tap density and bulk density

PowderPro A1_Features_b

Measurement of angle of repose

PowderPro A1_Features_a


StandardPowderPro M1
Chinese standardGB/T16913-2008 4.5, GB/T1479.1-2011, GB/T5162-2006
US standardASTM D6393-14
EPEP7.0 07/2010:20934
Testing Parameter
Drop height3mm or 14mm
Vibration frequency50-300 times per minute (continuous adjustment)
Control terminalManual operation
Dimension580mm x 350mm x 650mm (L x W x H)
Power supplyAC220V, 50/60Hz, 200W

*The test methods for angle of repose, non-metallic bulk density, tap density, the degree of compression is in line with GB / T 16913-2008-4.5 method
Metal powder and non-metallic powder’s tap density are in line with GB / T 5162-2006 / ISO3953: 1993

**The degree of dispersion, flat angle, uniformity ratio and degree of agglutination are essential to calculating the Carl fluidity index. These parameters are in line with US standards ASTMD6393-08

***Test standards of tap density meet the standards of 07/2010: 20934E of The European Pharmacopoeia EP7.0 and USP 616.