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Laser Diffraction + Automated Imaging

Measure particle size and shape with one unit

Bettersizer S3 Plus is an upgraded model of Bettersizer S3 with addition of a microscopic particle shape analysis system. The S3 Plus model contains two testing windows and one set of circulation and dispersion system. The particle size distribution and particle shape could be analyzed at the same time, or either subject analyzed at a time. Meanwhile, the results of particle size analysis can be testified by image analysis, which ensures the accuracy of the measurement of coarse particles.


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The features of laser diffraction size analysis + image analysis:

● High precision telecentric lens, high-speed CCD camera, high definition imaging without tailing effects.
● Advanced edge recognition + multithreading software technology, high-speed image processing of 10000 particles per minute, able to capture and process data concurrently.
● Accurate fine particles measurement by laser diffraction method, compliments by high fidelity microscopic imaging method for coarse particles, offers an unprecedented advantage for characterization of particles.
● Particle shape analysis including L/D, circularity, acutance, ratio of thickness and radius.