Food and Drink

The particle size distribution testing of the food and drink industry provides necessary data for improving quality and production efficiency.

The performance of the food and drink industry is closely related to the quality and safety of its products. Further challenges include organoleptic quality, guarantee period and stability, process stability and quality control. The morphology of food is various, including solid state, liquid state, powder, powders and viscous emulsions, and some food at the intermediate production stage is in a powder form. The particle size analyzer can provide scientific data to ensure that production in the intermediate and final stages can meet the standards, thereby providing scientific and effective quality control.

No matter which solid, liquid or emulsion you use, the Bettersize particle size and particle shape analysis system can help you to:
● Rapidly test the particle size and particle shape of new formulations, and participate in new product development
● Optimize the powdering and pelleting process
● Control production and ensure the consistency of ingredients
● Participate in quality control and improve productivity and output

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