Bettersize instruments provide the particle size distribution testing and particle shape testing of the raw materials of electronic products.

In the electronics industry, many materials and processes have strict requirements for particle size and particle shape. For example, the silicon carbide powder used for cutting silicon wafers requires centralized particle size distribution and a sharp particle shape corner angle, the cerium oxide abrasive used for polishing requires a small particle size without large particles, and the silica dioxide materials used for sealing integrated circuits require strict standards for the particle size distribution and spherical degree. Particle size and particle shape analysis is a basic method of production and product quality guarantee in the electronics industry.

During the research, design, manufacturing and quality control of electronic components, the Bettersize particle size and particle shape analysis system can help you to realize material properties, including:

● Guaranteeing CMP slurry quality.
● Guaranteeing particle size and particle shape of milling for cutting and polishing.
● Guaranteeing the quality of integrated circuit sealing materials.

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