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Dual lenses optical system (DLOS)

Based on Fourier optical system, DLOS of Bettersize is a method of technical creation. DLOS can detect backward scattered laser light by adding a second lens at the symmetric path behind the sample cell. Also, the second lens functions as a collimating lens which turns the diverging laser beam into parallel beam before the sample cell. The parallel beam impeding on the sample cell have the advantage of large and constant intensity circle of illumination of the samples inside the cell. In a laser diffraction measurement, the forward and backward diffraction lasers generated by a single laser source will have a consistent wavelength, datum, and continuity.

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Wide measuring range

● DLOS achieves the measuring range from 0.01μm to 2000μm.


The features of DLOS:
● The back- positioned lens is both the laser beam collimating lens and the backward scattering laser detection lens.
● 90 surrounded detectors on the dual-lens focal plane improve the resolution ratio and measuring accuracy.