BeVision W1

Automatic dynamic image analyzer

BeVision W1 is a high-resolution dynamic image particle size and shape analysis system. Adopting sheath flow technology, BeVision W1 can capture each particle and deliver accurate and reliable particle images. BeVision W1 is the best solution for scientific research and product control in particle size and shape.

● Measurement: Particle shape, Particle size
● Particle size range: 4µm to 400µm
● Dispersion type: Wet
● Technology: Image analysis



• Analysis: Particle size distribution, maximum particle size, aspect ratio, circularity and radius-thickness ratio
• Sheath Flow Technology ensures individual particle passes through the focal plane of the cell sequentially, eliminates particle overlapping and defocus issues

BeVision W1-Features

• Intelligent software can identify 10000 particles per minute. Automatic recognition of agglomerated powder further improve the accuracy of analysis results


BeVision W1_a