BeVision S1

Classic image analyzer for particle size and shape

BeVision S1 employs the latest software particle image processing technology to the traditional microscope imaging method, providing intuitive and accurate particle size distribution. BeVision S1 is used widely in particle shape observation and analysis, such as grinding abrasives, super-hard materials, spherical materials and metal powder abrasives.

● Measurement: Particle shape, Particle size
● Measuring range: 1µm to 3000mm
● Dispersion type: Dry, Wet
● Technology: Image analysis



• Image processing: In order to increase the representative of the sample, collections of multiple images can be analyzed together to provide a true representation of the particle distributions of the sample.
• The accuracy of particle size analysis: Calibration of the pixel size can be performed using the standard stage micrometer.
• Particle size and shape analysis: Particle size distribution, maximum particle size, aspect ratio, circularity and radius-thickness ratio.


Testing parameterMaterial
Particle size distributionSuspension, emusion, dry powder
GeneralBeVision S1
Typical measurement timeLess than 10min
CCD5 Megapixel
Size range1-3000um
Accuracy ≤3% (GBRM D50)
Repeatability≤3% (GBRM D50)
MagnificationMax.4000 times
Computer specification
Computer interfaceAt least a USB2.0 port required
Opertion systemWindows XP, Windows 7,8 or 10
Hardware specificationIntel Core I5, 4GB RAM, 250GB HD