BeVision M1

Cleanliness analysis expert

BeVision M1 is an automatic image scanning system for filter paper cleanliness analysis. Equipped with a metallurgical microscope, programmable motorized stage, autofocus function, and high-resolution CCD, BeVision M1 can capture and recognize each and every particle, automatically stitching the images to a large panoramic image.

● Measurement: Particle shape, Particle size
● Measuring range: 1µm to 10mm
● Dispersion type: Wet, Dry
● Technology: Image analysis



• anoramic image: Systematically stepping and scanning of a defined region, capturing an image at every stepping interval. The software will seamlessly stitch the captured images into one high-resolution panoramic image
• Particle size and shape analysis: Particle size distribution, maximum particle size, aspect ratio, circularity and radius-thickness ratio

BeVision M1-Features


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