Bettersizer ST

Practical and economical particle size analyzer (Integrated model)

Bettersizer ST is a fully automated wet dispersion particle size analyzer with smart operation system. Utilized DLOS with automated analysis procedure, Bettersizer ST provides stable and reliable testing results with the minimum user intervention. The compact footprint saves valuable workspace for factories and laboratories.

● Measurement: Particle size
● Particle size range: 0.1µm to 1000µm
● Dispersion type: Wet
● Technology: Laser diffraction



• Dual Lens Optical System (DLOS) provides accurate test result on particle size
• Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) offers easy operation
• Compact design saves work space
• Automatic alignment and automatic testing lead to good repeatability with percent relative standard deviation (%RSD) of less than 1%.
• User-friendly software offers the most intelligent test experience.