Bettersizer S3

Breakthrough particle sizing solution

Bettersizer S3 delivers best-in-class performance through incorporating cutting-edge innovations and functionality into the development of world-class particle analysis system. With a compact yet flexible integrated body, Bettersizer S3 series combines our innovative Dual lenses & oblique incidence optical system (DLOIS) for the wide testing range from 0.01µm to 3500µm, auto refractive index measurement, smart operation functions, and software for quick and productive measurement. The excellent performance and intelligent operation mode make Bettersizer S3 the best choice for particle size study for most research institutions and laboratories.

● Measurement: Particle size
● Particle size range: 0.01µm to 3500µm
● Dispersion type: Wet
● Technology: Laser diffraction
● Auto refractive index measurement



Measuring range:
Particle size from 0.01µm to 3500µm

Dual Lenses & Oblique Incidence Optical System(DLOIS): eliminates the fitting error of double beam system, enlarges detection angle (0.02 to 165 degree) and assures high sensitivity, resolution, and accuracy.

Auto refractive index measurement: ability to pre-determine the optical parameters of materials that will closer match the true value of the sample, enhancing the accuracy of the measurements of materials with unknown refractive index.

• Fully automatic operation minimizes workload as well as operation error.

• Measuring results display in real time, rapidly track result changes with user-defined parameters.

• Measuring results of size and shape display in real time, rapidly track result changes with user-defined parameters.

Intelligent Particle Sizing Performance

Bettersizer S3 represents the latest Bettersize particle size analysis technology for wet dispersion solution. Measuring range from 0.01µm to 3500µm can meet the most stringent requirement of different industries and a variety of test samples.

The accuracy of Bettersizer S3 as verified by measurements of eight standard samples.

Bettersize 3000_pic4

Bettersizer S3 measures samples with a wide distribution range. Six repeat measurement results under same analysis conditions yield good repeatability as shown in the following graph. Average repeatability deviation of D50 is 0.31%.


Detection limit test : A mixture reference standard samples of 3.1 µm and 5.1 µm nominal diameter was used to gauge the resolution of the Bettersizer S3 against the industry benchmark particle sizing instrument. The mixing ratio of 1.65 was used for the test. Bettersizer S3 clearly out-resolve the benchmark instrument as shown in the following graphs.


Test methodology: Measurement with a mix reference standard sample of 0.3mm, 0.85mm, and 3.5mm was performed against a benchmark instrument. Bettersizer S3 resolves three peaks in the measurement result, while the benchmark instrument only able to resolve two peaks.