Bettersizer S

Practical and economical particle size analyzer (Modular model)

Bettersizer S is a basic particle size analyzer with a separated dispersing unit and a optical measuring unit. The design has the advantage of easy maintenance. The metal casing of Bettersizer S provides protection for EMI (electromagnetic interference), makes it suitable for manufacturing laboratory and quality control of raw materials, intermediate and finished products..

● Measurement: Particle size
● Particle size range: 0.1µm to 716µm
● Dispersion type: Wet
● Technology: Laser diffraction



• DLOS and two sets of photodetector array in the forward and backward position of the lens
• Automatic alignment
• SOP software
• Sampling system: Two types of automatic circulation and dispersing devices serve the aqueous medium and solvent medium separately.
• Optional small volume cell assembly system can be swapped to circulatory system when analyzing small quantity of sample, precious samples and samples in a solvent medium.