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Auto circulation & dispersion system

Revealing the true form of every particle through the laser and camera system

The circulation & dispersion system of Bettersize particle size analyzer consists of the centrifugal circulation pump, dry burning-protect ultrasonic disperser, stirrer, electronic liquid level sensor, auto water feeding / draining / overflow protection system, fogging alarm for sample cell, plumbing, and controller. The hardware system and controlling software ensure a complete sample dispersion hence make sure that each particle would be accounted for through the laser and camera system.

Auto circulation & dispersion system_2The advantages of auto circulation & dispersion system:

● Upgrade to solvent circulation & dispersion system for special sample.
● Particle with big size or large density will not precipitate due to the adjustable speed of stirring and strong power of pump.
● Dry burning-protect ultrasound disperser protects the instrument from being damaged by working with empty tank.
● Adjustable frequency makes sure that all particles can be dispersed well.

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