Bettersize instruments are necessary tools for the particle size testing and particle shape analysis of all kinds of suspension agents.

Such environmentally friendly water-based agrochemicals as suspension agents and emulsions are leading the development direction of agrochemical preparation formulation. The particle size and distribution of the agrochemical particles contained in preparations are directly related to the dosage, efficacy, uniformity and residual amount of agrochemicals. Such indexes as particle size distribution, particle size distribution curve, medium particle size (D50) average particle size and boundary particle size indicate the size of the original agrochemical particles disintegrated from water-based preparation, which is important data for ensuring the quality of agrochemicals.

In terms of agrochemical formulation development and product analysis, Bettersize instruments provide scientific and accurate indexes. As for suspension agents with a small particle diameter and a particle size distribution within 0.1 – 10 μm, or for agrochemical particles with a large particle diameter and a particle size distribution within 50-800 μm, we can provide data with outstanding repeatability and accuracy.

Aiming at the special requirements of the agrochemical industry, the Bettersize laser particle analyzer meets the measurement needs of oil-based suspension and water suspension, with a measurement range covering almost all agrochemical formulations.

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